You've Never Experienced

anything like this!

Peace Love Hip Hop is like nothing you have experienced in any dance class, club, or gym! Fitness is evolving.  The days of boring, monotonous routines are over. Long term fitness is tied directly to exercise being fun, constantly varied, and done with friends. This is where Peace Love Hip Hop truly shines!

Let us be clear, our classes are not for your grandma. We make exercise fun and sexy. We take the wildness and freedom of your Saturday night and put it into each and every school night. By combining the most current Hip-Hop music with dance routines that change weekly (and utilize actual dance moves), we are able to create a community of fit, healthy dancers that look forward to coming to class each and every week. Through keeping intensity high and utilizing small group conditioning, we are able to foster deep connections amongst our dancers.

Peace Love Hip Hop classes are for those who want a fun, constantly changing workout that leaves you feeling sexy, supported and surrounded by friends. Come join the party - you will work hard, you will move in ways you never thought possible. If you stick with us, you will be amazed with how great you look and feel.

$15 per class.

No Registration Required.

Open to everyone ages 13 and up. All levels of experience welcome!


O.G. Hip HOP


O.G. Hip Hop is the class you have known, loved, and danced to for the last 10 years! Not for the faint of heart, this is a high intensity dance class that challenges you every week with new music and choreography. Combining the hottest music with conditioning, dance training, and an amazing community, we leave you feeling sexy, sweaty, and spent! There is a reason that this class is packed every week!


Hip Hop 101

Hip Hop 101 is the best way to start your day! Specially created for beginners and those wanting to sharpen their dance moves, Hip Hop 101 pairs accessible and easy to learn choreography with music you know and love! The choreography may be geared towards beginners, but the intensity and fun stay at a 10! You will get a great workout, make amazing friends, and feel the freedom that comes from nailing a fierce combo!



Old School Hip Hop

Old School Hip Hop is the perfect WORKOUT for people of ALL skill levels (from the shyest beginner to the most seasoned dancer) who want to sweat, burn a million calories, improve their health, look great, and build community - all while dancing to their favorite old school jams! 

The days of Thighmasters and treadmills are over! With Old School Hip Hop the music and choreography change every week, so the fun never stops! Old School Hip Hop emphasizes FITNESS, so even though the dance moves may be easier, we keep the intensity high so that you get the fun, freeing workout that you have always dreamed of. 


Booty Camp

It's all for that booty, right? Booty Camp is Peace Love Hip Hop's glammed up version of a fitness boot camp. There's no dancing here! Booty Camp is where you sweat, strength train, and work on your conditioning with a group of amazing women. We have taken out all of the scariness of a standard gym and created a program that is constantly changing and tailored to your needs! Work Hard! Play Hard! Look and Feel your Best!


Full-Out Hip Hop

Full-Out Hip Hop is for experienced dancer's who can't get enough. With the same great PLHH feeling but a different style and flair, Full-Out combines elements from many styles of dance with choreography and music that changes every week to challenge you to BRING IT! Come sweat, learn new styles, make friends, and dance to fiercely fun combos!


$15 per class.

No Registration Required.

Open to everyone ages 13 and up. All levels of experience welcome!


Introducing the Fitness Program You Have Always Dreamed Of!

Think Beyonce + Richard Simmons sprinkled with glitter and a dash of kale. Seriously though,Mind.Booty.Soul is a one-stop shop for your mental, physical, and emotional health. This program combines cardio plus strength training and wraps it in the hottest dance party you have ever experienced.

-Monday, Wednesday, Friday we dance and burn a million calories with Hip Hop 101.

-Tuesday & Thursday we strength train with Booty Camp.

-Tuesday night we party with Old School Hip Hop.

Mind.Booty.Soul is a monthly recurring plan that allows for unlimited visits to all Old School Hip Hop, Hip Hop 101, and Booty Camp Classes. Purchasing this plan allows you to attend up to 24 amazing classes per month! If you are looking to transform your MIND, BOOTY, and SOUL, this is the program for you!

$79/mo introductory rate.

Register Here!

Open to everyone ages 13 and up. All levels of experience welcome!