School Programs

Peace Love Hip Hop is a fun-filled, high energy dance program where boys and girls across all experience levels come together for a physically engaging class that strengthens the development of gross motor skills, coordination, confidence and class camaraderie. By utilizing current music (that is always age appropriate) and constantly changing routines, we are able to provide dance training that is “cool” and never boring.

After twenty years of dance instruction, we have developed a program that uniquely engages boys as well as girls. This is incredibly rare! We are very serious about making our programs completely inclusive. We take pride in helping children of all athletic levels reach their full potential. We especially excel with those kids that may not otherwise participate in team sports (due to physical size or temperament) and give them an outlet through which they can physically thrive. Additionally, our program provides a safe and healthful alternative for parents who are concerned about the long term effects associated with injuries obtained from traditional team sports.

Not only does Peace Love Hip Hop provide great physical programming, but we also facilitate a tremendous amount of community engagement. Whether through performances at assemblies, partnerships with charitable organizations, or public exhibitions, Peace Love Hip Hop provides the opportunity for students to build confidence, cultivate experience in front of an audience, and engage meaningfully with the community at large.

Peace Love Hip Hop classes have been enjoyed by students in Belle Hall Elementary, Laurel Hill Primary, Charles Pinkney Elementary, Sullivan’s Island Elementary, and Buist Academy. We would love to add your school to that list.

What next?

We would love to speak with you about how Peace Love Hip Hop can benefit your existing school programs. To set up a time to talk, please call (843) 732-6239 or email

Why school’s love partnering with Peace Love Hip Hop: 

Ease of implementation

Peace Love Hip Hop is an autonomous program that can easily be plugged into an existing P.E. class or afterschool program. We provide the music, instructors, choreography and educational materials. Your school only needs to supply an appropriate space (gymnasium or empty multi-purpose room), willing participants, and a way for us to communicate with parents.


Peace Love Hip Hop offers a fun and safe alternative for parents worried about injuries associated with traditional team sports.

Ability to teach multiple age groups

Peace Love Hip Hop works with people of all ages – from toddlers to adults. We are able to specifically tailor programs to the needs of your school. Our classes typically group children from K-2nd, 3-5th, and 6-8th but can be adjusted as needed.


Peace Love Hip Hop classes are fun! We provide a way for kids to be active in a way that they actually enjoy. Our instructors are trained to cultivate positivity and cull any mean or exclusionary behavior. PLHH classes are safe places where kids can experience the playfulness and freedom of dance.


Peace Love Hip Hop engages both males and females of all activity levels. Our instructors are able to tailor every class to the needs of their students which allows for constant growth and mastery of new skills.

Male Inclusiveness

Peace Love Hip Hop has mastered making dance an enjoyable experience for boys. Our choreography is fun, engaging and blows away all gender stereotypes. We provide a masculine dance experience that teaches boys rhythm, confidence, and life-long comfortability with dance. Plus, you haven’t lived until you have seen an 8 year old boy breakdance.

High Quality of Instruction

Peace Love Hip Hop puts all of our instructors through a rigorous training process. All of our instructors are well-versed in teaching all levels and ages of participants. By working with thousands of children, we have developed an intensive curriculum that ensures our instructors are ready for whatever may come their way. Our instructors are taught to emphasize success, skillfully redirect negativity, and help children move from shyness to confidence.