Hip Hop Camps

A Different Kind of “Camp Fire”


Summertime is when Peace Love Hip Hop really shines!

We provide fun, creative camps for kids of all ages and skill levels. Whether you are a preschooler looking for a few hours of fun or a competitive tween trying to step up your game, we got you covered! 

Check out the descriptions below to find the camp that is perfect for you!


This camp will bring out you girl's creative side! Each student will learn hip hop moves, tumbling, stretching, and dance fundamentals. Each day will include art projects and games that engage many aspects of your child’s creativity. On the last day of each session, we will put on a showcase performance for families. Camp dates vary by age and are available for ages 4-13.


This camp is for all aspiring male hip hoppers and break dancers. We will learn a wide variety of hip hop dance moves as well as the strength and conditioning necessary for tricks and break dancing. Our goal is to fine tune rhythm, coordination, break dancing and the latest, kid friendly choreography. The boys will dazzle you with a show the last day of camp. Available for ages 6-12.


This is a new “camp” week we are offering for all current and prospective competitive team students! This camp takes your child’s dancing to the next level and will focus on learning new choreography, technique and important lessons in stage presence. This is not required for competitive team students and perspectives but is recommended! For boys and girls 1st-8th grade.